Altom winter gardens - close contact with nature




A new system of thermally insulated aluminium profiles MB-WG60, intended for building winter gardens and other structures, such as orangeries, conservatories, etc.

The system of winter gardens is a construction which enables a direct contact of users with nature and the surrounding landscape. The construction of this type aims at giving a new quality to the living space with the light coming from the top, which ensures excellent lighting of the room and optimum atmosphere of the interior. A traditional winter garden is a non-heated conservatory used in spring and summers season, allowing its users to relax amidst nature. Our target was to design a system which can be utilized as a living space throughout the whole year round.

The main idea of the system gives a possibility of erecting an independent, integrated roof construction based on thermally insulated aluminium profiles. An aluminium and glass roof consists of rafters and purlins featuring a characteristic shape of a reversed letter “T”, supported with continuous profiles of an eaves beam and wall-mounted beam. The whole rests on post profiles. This kind of design enables building a skeleton structure of a winter garden in which apertures formed in vertical walls can be filled with independent doors and windows. This design also makes it possible to shape even the most complex geometry of the roof.

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