The Altom company is specializing in wide understood window joinery. Our offer includes PVC joinery: windows, doors, winter gardens, and Aluminium joinery: windows, doors, winter gardens, facades, interior glazings, skylights

The company was established in 1990

The company has been operating continuously since 1990. changing its legal personality in 2002. on a limited liability company.

Many years of experience, specialized employees, modern machinery, and the use of modern production technologies have allowed us to obtain the highest quality of our products and services.

It is important for us that the products we manufacture meet your expectations. That is why we make sure that our products are aesthetic, durable, easy to clean, energy-saving, and give you optimal noise protection.

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    You will find solutions suitable for your needs in the field of PVC window joinery / windows, shop windows, arched windows / and aluminum joinery / windows, doors, facades, skylights, winter gardens.


    We can implement the most complex projects. Considering window joinery, you don't have to limit your projects duplicating typical solutions. Trust ourexperience.


    Our experience in cooperation with developers allows you to save your time and guarantees the quality of the delivered products.


    Save time and money by omitting agents and subcontractors. We will efficiently manufacture, deliver and install the ordered products.


    Our products are characterized by high energy savings and optimal protection against noise. Choosing our products guarantees comfort and satisfaction for your tenants.





Company strategy

Our mission is to provide the customers with maximum satisfaction through a wide selection of the highest quality window joinery products. To achieve our goal, we focus on 4 elements: LISTENING, ADVISING, QUALITY and TIME. We strive for the ALTOM brand to be synonymous with the highest quality joinery.

Every day, the sales department employees from 8.00 to 16.00 have time for you. We will answer your questions, dispel doubts, propose the most suitable solutions and help you make the right decision. In our company you will always find the products tailored to your expectations.

I sincerely invite you to get familiar with our offer.

Ewa Sawicka-Kaczorowska
Sales and Marketing Director

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